Community involvement is important to efargo and it’s one of the criteria we will be evaluated on during the finals for the GUEP energy prize. efargo offers a variety of way to connect with us and become a participating community member. Whether you join as a resident playing our Urban Game, as a supporter offering energy expertise, or any of the other options, we rely on area residents, professionals and energy enthusiasts for a robust team and partnerships.

efargo Street Fair and Streets Alive Booth

The efargo team members and our generous volunteers have actively staffed an energy education booth over the past couple of seasons of Fargo's popular Street Fair and Streets Alive events. The booth and friendly staff focus on educating our community about energy saving methods ranging from low cost and no cost activities to performing home energy audits and participating in our community's new solar energy farms programs. Additionally the booth promotes efargo's various initiatives like our Top Ten Energy Tips, the online community game played early this year, the K-12 Energy Challenge, and various other developing programs.


Most importantly the booth is always staffed with knowledgeable team members who can answer your questions as well as facilitate engaging family friendly interactive challenges like the Earth Piano or the light bulb challenge.


Look for the efargo booth at the next Fargo Street Fair or Streets Alive.